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New female biker.

Posted on Juni 27, 2019 by Princessdarkside
Posted on Juni 27, 2019 by Princessdarkside (Member Score: 0)

New biker. I ride a classic Honda 125 cbr.

Looking for people to maybe ride with the gain experience or route in England I can take. I'm from west Midlands area. Would be great to hear back from someone



Posted on Juni 29, 2019 by HELEN McC (Member Score: 0)

google evolutionWMCC or curvey riders there are national womens motorbike clubs. they may have people in your area (I'm in evolution and lippy ladies (but the lippies are just Yorkshire based) x

Posted on Juli 4, 2019 by StellaMT07 (Member Score: 0)

Curvy Riders - I found the all female group really supportive when I first started riding. Enjoy the road :)

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