Maltatal ( Gmund - Malta )

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PaulDevall | Februari 13, 2006 | Europa > Oostenrijk Motorroutes > Eastern Austria
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Bochten Star Rating Graphic (4.7)
TwistinessStar Rating Graphic (1.5)
Rechte StukkenStar Rating Graphic (2.7)
LandschapStar Rating Graphic (4.7)
ZichtbaarheidStar Rating Graphic (3.7)
WeggesteldheidStar Rating Graphic (3.7)
Gevaarlijke puntenStar Rating Graphic (2.3)
Politiecontroles Star Rating Graphic (1.7)


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April 7, 2016 - Star Rating Graphic

It´s a lovely road with a nice scenery aroud.

At the end og the 14,4 km long Malta High Alpine Road at 1.933 m you´ll find Austria’s highest concrete dam (the Kölnbreinsperre) with airwalk and an wonderful view into the depth of 200 m. I´ll do it again

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Februari 2, 2011 - Star Rating Graphic

My local road, I live in the village of Malta, so I can ride it often. Once past the toll both the road quickly gets interesting. There is along one way section controlled by traffic lights. There is a time display showing the waiting time, don't panic if it says 22 tends to jump down to 8 so keep an eye on the display. Watch out for works traffic and cyclists,both of these don't think the lights apply to them! Lots of waterfalls along the route so places to stop and relax abound. The dam at the top is spectacular you can take a tour or just sit and stare. First Sunday in July every year sees around 1,000 bikes at the dam for the "Bike Blessing" Like most things in this area it follows a pattern. Everyone gathers, the priest says a few words,the band plays- then everyone goes and gets pissed! Leave early before they attempt to ride back down the valley. Call in and say hello as you pass through Malta.

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Februari 13, 2006 - Star Rating Graphic

This is a dead-end road heading up the Maltatal from the main road. The first part is unexceptional with good scenry. After the toll booth,the road gets better and the icy and wet tunnels that have bends in them are quite spectacular and traffic light controlled during peak hours.

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