B1257 : Stokesley - Helmsley (North Yorks TT)

(4.1) 25 kms
| Januari 5, 2005 | Europa > Verenigd Koninkrijk Motorroutes > Yorkshire
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Bochten (4.6)
Twistiness (1.5)
Rechte Stukken (2.8)
Landschap (4.2)
Zichtbaarheid (3.5)
Weggesteldheid (3.7)
Gevaarlijke punten (3.8)
Politiecontroles (3.6)


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Juli 30, 2021 -

A very, very bumpy road and not at all safe to maintain the 60 mph national speed limit on. Washboard like on S1000RR. In July 21 the last southern 6 miles were surface dressed (sprayed with tar and covered with chippings) with loose stones in track 2 in the middle of the carriageway. They even managed to keep the bumps that were there before the surface dressing.

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Juli 27, 2011 -

I can't begin to describe how good this road is...Do it ASAP if you haven't already...

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Februari 10, 2011 -

Biking heaven. Take it easy through villages, no need to upset locals. Caught it on a quiet day. Not much time to admire scenery, but a great ride nevertheless. Can't recommend it enough if ridden properly and not like nutter.

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Augustus 1, 2010 -

Fantastic route. I rode out and done the return. Lots of blind summits and a few blind bends. I love the route, highly recommended.

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Juli 20, 2009 -

great road ,give it a try

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Mei 27, 2008 -

A great road with a crackin surface and a nice background. We did it both north to south, then came back south to stay in Helmsley.

Interestingly, its quite a different experience depending which direction you do it. Heading up, its quite fast, flowing and open. Wheras in the other direction, crests were much more pronounced (enough to get air between both wheels a few times) and some corners were a little hard to call at speed, but great fun so long as youre not pushing on like a loon.

Advice. Certainly one TO DO. As above, take it easy. Ride it smoothly and with respect. It could easily catch you out if you take it too quickly !

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Januari 8, 2008 -

Start at Duncombe Park, one of Yorkshire's finest baroque mansions, then head north to and take in Captain Cooks hilltop monument. (born nearby in 1728). A short excursion from the B1257 also allows you to take in Rievaulx Abbeys majestic ruins

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  • rabbit
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Oktober 9, 2007 -

A very good road, went along there early August 07 early afternoon on a Wednesday. Light traffic so could maintain a decent pace however there were lots of farm vehicles, very dangerous if you come around a bend to find one pulling out of a junction or come around the bend to find then tundeling along! Some good slightly hillier sections - Helemsley is a pretty village, although did not stop, no time.

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Augustus 1, 2007 -

Love this road, often ride 70 miles just to play here. Heading north it breaks you in easy, starts with long sweepers up to Newgate Bank as you leave Helmsley, then gives you a taste of whats to come as you approach the pub on the right and you are launched into the air, after this the bends tighten and the crests become more aggresive until you pass through Chopgate village then it just gets silly, getting airbourne is easy done if the pace is fast. Basically- Treat with massive respect, this road will bite- when (not if) provoked.

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Januari 18, 2007 -

I love this run, done it many times....as said it can catch you out and there have been many fatalities over the years....well policed in the summer, respect the road or it will bite you, I like it best heading north.

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Juli 26, 2006 -

Did it myself for the first time yesterday and not sure I totally agree that it is one of the best. I live in York and regularly travel to Helmsley and I would rate that part of this route as being better than the route from Helmsley to Stokesley. The northern part is open and very pretty, but just hills. Less challenging corners as well than the York end, I wasn't scrapping toes sliders as I normally do, but I concede that I'm more confident on the southern route. Mmm... just not really grabbed by it I'm afraid.

Juli 23, 2006 -

Alovely ride from Helmsley, but as has already been mentioned, treat it with respect. There are some "nutters" that obviously use the road regularly and should only ride like that on a race track. Take special care in one or two places where there are "View Points" - people pull straight out back on to the road. Dont think anyone has ever been caught for the accident where the rider was killed by "someone who rode off". Was told by a bike dealer that the police weren't even sure if there had been an impact.

Juli 11, 2006 -

Biker's gather in Helmsley Town square so do coppers, they do tend to eyeball you as you pass and have been known to follow just to piss you off, mid week better but watch out for market day.

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  • ripper
  • Yamaha TDM850
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Maart 10, 2006 -

This is a very fast scenic ride. In the summer at weekends there is police everywhere as a lot of of people have been caught out by the speed of this road. Best ridden during the week if possible.

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Januari 15, 2006 -

Pete says it right!!! this road is awesome man. do it before the anti bike brigade ruin it.

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Mei 31, 2005 -

Expect a high Police presence for the next couple of weeks. There was another fatal accident along this road over the weekend. This time it was a biker who did a hit & run on another biker, who died at the scene. The Police are still looking for the rider who hit him. Would you believe it !

Bristle Hound
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Maart 21, 2005 -

Very good comments there Pete.. I rode the majority of this route for the first time yesterday and totally agree with you..

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  • Sodom
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Maart 8, 2005 -

It is a very pleasant road, no navigation at all, with renowned quality of corners, surface, combinations and scenery. But it can kill all too easily. Whenever I go there on a sunny weekend day in Summer, there is always evidence of a recent wipeout. In three years I have gone past three fatalities and two other accidents on such days. Avoid on weekends, and treat it with respect. Police presence is very high on such days and gives them plenty of work - don't add to the burden. Go on quieter midweek days if you can. There are three or four nasty, tightening corners which come on you very quickly and a series of crests at the northern end to get you off the ground too easily - great fun though! Also at the northern end, coming southwards, the first four or five good corners have manholes covers placed right on the apex - plan ahead carefully. It was the subject of a high profile local protest in 2004 and moves were afoot to add lots of cameras, humps, chicanes and other traffic calming measures, which would destroy the whole experience for good. Best treat it with respect and accept it for what it is, rather than add fuel to the anti-bike lobby by making an arse of yourself on it. I love the road, but at the right time and with consideration for the place. Before you start, I don't ride a tourer, but a modern sportsbike with power and handling and like to get a move on - but there is a time and place - choose both carefully on this route.

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  • pete
  • Ducati 1098
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Februari 17, 2005 -

Awesome route, if you haven't done it yet, Gentlemen start your engines!

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Januari 5, 2005 -

Try it through the week , busy at weekends both bikes and Police in summer.

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