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Lid sinds : Maart 5, 2010
Streek / Regio : Belgium, België
Motor : Triumph Thruxton
Beste route ooit gereden : GI 682
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Belgium > België > Europa
Augustus 25, 2010 - 4 ster route classificatie Motorritten4.0

This is a route weve done with the Triumph enthusiasts of flandres( Its got a fair amount of corners and bends, as well as some nice straights where you can revv her up ;-) Best done during weekends on a sunday or so. During the week youll have some more lorries on your way of course. The track passes at the doorstep of two famous breweries(Palm and Duvel-well known amongst connoisseurs). In the beginning you follow all the bends of the Schelde and the Old Schelde, two rivers. There are numerous places to eat and drink so you can admire the surroundings.