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Redway, CA - Ferndale, CA

CA - DelNorte/Siskiyou/Mo... > California > Verenigde Staten > Amerika
Mei 24, 2016 - 4 ster route classificatie Motorritten4.0

This is an excellent all day ride with several optional routes to extend or shorten the ride. There are some sections that have more traffic than others, however most of this run is carless. A lot of the road has no line down down the middle, so anything goes, but be careful. Some rich kids that grew up around here believe they own the road... and they drive pretty large diesel pick-ups. Once you get way out toward the coast, the traffic virtually disappears and you're all along. Try to make it to the Yellow Rose in Petrolia for lunch. Redway/Garberville has pretty good food: The Lost French Man in Redway; Humboldt Bar & Grill in Garberville or Cecil's in Garberville for dinner. You won't be disappointed and this will be one of your life's most memorable days. Doing the entire loop and winding up where you started is also a pretty fun option.

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