Fos - Melles - Couret

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Route Added By : Mission Motos!
Date : Maart 5, 2007
Lengte : 28 kms / 17.4 miles
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Road Type : Spoor
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Maart 5, 2007 - 4 ster route classificatie Motorritten4.0

I will forgive you for being confused - I was! First the decision about the road type - Mountainous, Rural or Trail. Um - Yes. No sorry - not good enough pick one. Ok then trail (just in case some one decides to take their 'Blade up there. But not strictly true - see below. Length of route - um - as the crow flies - 20KM - for the odometer - 40-50? So far - so good. Now lets get really confused... This road is exceptional! First the good news - Visibility - no idea what's coming up (or down). Road surface - very bad lots of potholes, gravel, banding etc, Hasards - you need to be alert continuosly. Now the better news - you never see a copper - why - you can't possibly go over 70 (Km). No straights, all corners - scenery - outstanding! Road/trail driven on a Royal Enfield Deluxe, for the photos, up to the start of the forest trail section. Despite being hot and sunny, it was february so icy roads in the shadows stopped play (gone by mid-march) - had the author been on one of the firm's GS's or trail bikes the fun would have continued as it has done on several previous occaisions. The 'road' can be accessed either from the D618 running near Col D'Aspet (starts with forestery track) or from the N125 just 100 m from the passport control to the spanish border. Follow the signs to Melles. OK 'Blade man' - you can take your bike up to Melles - maybe a little higher - the Auberge there is well worth lunching at. Beware - the tarmac section to the top of the mountain is very tortuous - all 20 -30 Km corners and 180 degree turns - which is why I took the Enfield - as the bike is just a pleasure to ride there square tires an all! On the right kit - the forest tracks can be taken at anything up to 90Km/h - but with caution. Big loop possible tying up D925, this route and D618. Any questions - find me at Mission Motos. Happy rides.

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