Crarors and Canyons

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Date : November 7, 2014
Lengte : 149 kms / 92.6 miles
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Road Type : Woestijn
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November 7, 2014 - 5 ster route classificatie Motorritten5.0

Starting from the desert city of Arad we start east going down to the are of Sedom, yes the one from Sedom and Gemora which when were destroyed by god for their sins became the dead sea. The road is one of teh bikers favorites - but!!!! - it is also one of the most dangerous so enjoy it but with smarts, warm your tires before you come to full lean and remember there is no room for mistakes. after reaching -400 below sea level we turn south heading into the Arava valley with signs heading towards Eilat. at the Hatseva junction we will head west into the small crater and the Scorpions ascent Maaleh Akrabim, This is a very old desolated road with a bad surface which used to be the main highway to Eilat. at the top there is a memorial for the civilian occupants of a bus attacked and murdered by Arab terrorists back in the 50s, this is the place to stop get off and take a look back at the valley beyond with breathtaking views. We continue on the 227 and torn towards the 225 a left and a right and we are in a canyon the mouth of the big crater. this is a good place to turn your gopro on cause the next 15 minutes will be some of the best desert riding you´ll ever film. this road crosses the the crater and then climbs out in a serious of twists that will make the hair on your chest curl with delight,that is if you are of the gender that has such hair on its chest. reach the top and continue for a few more hundred meters till you reach a sign left to mount Arnon, its a 2 km dirt road that any bike or biker can ride and will bring you to a spectacular viewpoint over this unique geological phenomena. return continue through Yeruham and then back through the 204 to the 25 to the 31 to Arad. at the Gas station in Arad´s entrance there is a little restaurant diner pub kind of place with Football paraphernalia from around the world. The place has the best Lunch in the Area for miles and of you stay the nigh it becomes a hip Pub with Ber on tap and a good atmosphere, especially on a Thursday when the youngsters are back from Army or university.

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