Karlobag - Seline

(4.75) 51 kms
motoraid | Oktober 7, 2012 | Europa > Kroatië Motorroutes > Coastal Croatia (West)
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Bochten (5)
Twistiness (1.6)
Rechte Stukken (2.5)
Landschap (5)
Zichtbaarheid (3.3)
Weggesteldheid (4.3)
Gevaarlijke punten (2.8)
Politiecontroles (2)


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April 25, 2019 -

Stunning road, I've not seen any police activity, speed limits seem to be guidelines for both locals and tourists alike. Difficult to overtake at times. Views are exceptional.

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  • Arom
  • Versys 1000
  • Punten: 4
Juli 2, 2014 -

We rode from Starigrad Paklenica north to Karlobag on 20th June 2014. It was a sunny day. On the whole the road surface is excellent but there are oil and diesel trails on some bends to make riding in the wet interesting. Unfortunately there are many speed restrictions and solid white lines but on this occasion we did not see a Police presence although we saw 2 Speed Traps during our 3 days in this area. I won´t cross solid white lines unnecessarily but ignored most of the restrictions outside of villages and towns, which the locals also seem to do.

This rode is a real treat and will please a pillion with the stunning scenery.

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April 21, 2014 -

A nice coastal route with beautiful scenery and many small villages.

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  • Suizamoto
  • Aprilia RST 1000 Futura
  • Punten: 481
Oktober 7, 2012 -

This amazing route, just beside the sea, you can go fast, slow, average, watching the island, watching the sea, really amezing !!

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