180 / General's Highway / 198 : Squaw Valley - Three Rivers

(4.5) 98 kms
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Mei 15, 2014 -

198 north from Three Rivers, CA all the way to the intersection of Highway 180 is a great ride. The largest living tree by volume, the General Sherman Tree [see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/General_Sherman_(tree) ] is along this route, as well as more than a dozen Giant Sequioas easily visible by roadside. The Moro Rock is beautiful and there are a number of campgrounds the fill up in the summer, so make reservations early. There are a tremendous amount of tight turns but the speed limit is very low and there is a lot of vehicle traffic. Lots of tourists and not a lot of people paying attention to the roadway, so be cautious. Also, in the area of the giant trees, a lot of people park on the roadway or shoulder to take pictures. Again, exercise caution. That said, is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!

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Januari 28, 2007 -

follow the 180 from Squaw valley, then turn onto the General's Highway that twists wildy around Moro Rock and into Hammond and down to Three Rivers, if you're a hairpin addict, you'll love it.

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