Stuart to Blue Ridge Parkway Loop

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Route Added By : bkfist
Date : Februari 13, 2015
Lengte : 66 kms / 41 miles
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Road Type : Landelijk
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Februari 13, 2015 - 5 ster route classificatie Motorritten5.0

You can run this route in either direction, but I prefer to go up Hwy 8, then come back down the mountain via Hwy 58. 8 is a bit steeper grade and a little tighter corners. Either way, however, is a great ride.
Lots of mountain scenery, a few blind curves, but pretty decent on most of them.
There is light local traffic on both 8 & 58. Traffic on the BRP segment is usually light, and speed limit on the BRP segment is 45 and enforced. I´ve never personally seen cops on 58 or 8 and never been on the BRP and NOT seen a park officer at some point.
Be sure to check out the 3 views around Rocky Knob on the BRP, as well as Mabry Mill. Hwy 58 a few miles south of Meadows of Dan has Lover´s Leap, another spectacular view with plenty of parking along the road.

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