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Lid sinds : Oktober 25, 2015
Streek / Regio : Western Australia, Australië
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The Golden Triangle : Coolgardie - Kalgoorlie - Kambalda West

Western Australia > Australië > Oceanië
Oktober 26, 2015 - 3 ster route classificatie Motorritten3.0

Great day ride if visiting Kalgoorlie. Hotel meal at Kambalda is excellent value. Worth the extra 40kms to Widgiemooltha Tavern (fuel avail) for there Famous Burgers and Beer. Double back partially and on to Coolgardie, where the Denver City Hotel is Biker friendly and always a warm welcome. Low police activity except between Coolgardie and are sure to bump into one in this section.
Many road trains who are very biker aware and will usually indicate you to pass when safe, as long as you stay in the drivers side mirror. Road trains can be 3 or 4 trailers long around here. The biggest issue is the number of caravans being towed by elderly drivers with little experience

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