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Lid sinds : Mei 25, 2011
Streek / Regio : Argyll/ Bute (Scotland), Verenigd Koninkrijk
Motor : ZZR1200
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Khancoban to Coma

New South Wales > Australië > Oceanië
Januari 21, 2015 - 5 ster route classificatie Motorritten5.0

Equal to The Alpine Way in many respects but far less travelled, after the first couple of miles you may think of turning back as ther is not much happining, dont, it just gets better and better. A very well matained mountain road with little traffic and a bazzar town, Cambamurra, with good facilitites large pub and bistro but no petrol and no people.

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Alpine Way : Cooma - Khancoban

New South Wales > Australië > Oceanië
Augustus 1, 2010 - 5 ster route classificatie Motorritten5.0

Can be very tight and twisty in places but a very good road that offers many different challenges for all kinds of riders

69 / Putty Road : Windsor - Broke

New South Wales > Australië > Oceanië
Februari 7, 2008 - 4 ster route classificatie Motorritten4.0

After leaving Windsor on the Sydney outskirts, the road winds through a twisty section as it climbs and descends into the countryside. Whilst the corners are good, the surface is not, so bide your time, till you reach the Colo Heights area (Petrol available), whereupon the road begins to open up.

The next section is fairly fast with very few hazards except for random wildlife from the National Parkland. There are no real side junctions. It carries on for a fair while and may be considered a little dull by some, but again, there is a reason why this is such a great road...

In the northern section, the Putty road approaches a line of hills which stand between the National Parkland and the famous vineyards of the Hunter valley. As these hills get closer, the surface changes from average to very good and the road starts to twist and turn in all directions as it navigates a pass through the hills. This is the known as the 15k bends. They start to come thick and fast, almost all are well signposted and the surface remains consistently good. Whilst, this is an extremely twisty and challenging section, there are a couple of points where a decent road bike will be able to overtake, so dont despair if you find yourself stuck behind a slow moving car.
The 15k bends make the entire journey worthwhile, and will be enjoyable on any size of bike. While they are certainly twisty, there are no real frighteners that come from nowhere, so with a little caution mixed with a little confidence, you can have use your tyres as God intended.

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38 : Grafton - Glen Innes

New South Wales > Australië > Oceanië
November 22, 2010 - 4 ster route classificatie Motorritten3.7

Nice road with all sealed but not good quality surface so watch out for potholes. Good corners but plan your fuel range carefully.

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